Year: 2010

Genre: Action

Platform: PC

File size: 1.7GB

Interface Language: English

Developer: Barking Dog Studios

Publisher: Barking Dog Studios
Counter-Strike S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – A game for those who love the lifestyle of Pripyat in the game CS. In the game a nice interface. An updated database of sounds of shots. Sprites added to the inactive base SOP (PE) in the game to change the schedule as a weapon in the game STALKER You are waiting for new characters and new costumes.

Features of Release:

-Added new sounds.

-Improved GUI.

-Added the base of the assembly Professional Edition, improved loading system and background.

-Added new effects.

-Added costumes (CT – in the exoskeleton, T – in the form of bandits and conventional Chernobyl).

-Changed the graphics card.

-Updated database. Res

-300 Old and new maps (about 10 maps with bots retard)
-Defense: No!
You can play no (more than 10000 servers), the grid, with the bots (button H)
System Requirements:
-Processor With a Clock speed of at least 500 MHz , 96 MB RAM ,16 MB Video Card,
-Operating System Windows 2000/XP/ME/98/Vista/7,

-Running Game :
Running through DAEMON Tools Lite. cstrike.exe

CD-Key : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Copy of the description (the input language is important)

Clik Below The Link To Download

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